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What We Do

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams no matter how big they may be. We provide young people with the tools they need to put success within reach while teaching them how to become caring, self-reliant, responsible citizens. We seek to strengthen the family bond by providing supportive parenting resources. We're committed to partnering with existing community-based resources and activities in an effort to improve family economic conditions and well-being. One child. One family. One community at a time. 

Child Development

Child Development

Our programs help children in the following areas of their ongoing development:

• Decreasing social isolation

• Provide environments that protect children and       

   promote safer childhoods

• Provide life enhancing, engaging programs

• Caring Mentors (Big brother Big Sister)

• Enhance economic well-being and self sufficiency

• Increase access to existing supports and activist

Family Matters

These parenting techniques are taught in a safe environment that foster encouragement and friendship:

• More focus on parental emotional & mental well-being

• Facilitating activities and workshops

• Family reunification

• Improving overall safety, and health practices inside     

   the home as well as in the community

• Improve personal development, social connections

  & financial strength or stability 

Family Support
Community Involvement

Project R.I.S.E

We understand that increased social connectedness is the key to building better, long lasting relationships within our community. 

Child Development
Family Matters
Project R.I.S.E.
Vegetable Picking

Our Impact

Empowering children & their families.

Our innovative programs are designed to increase awareness, empower youth to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives as well as highlight the importance of the following personal attributes.








Work Ethic


Imagining Possibilities

Our Impact
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