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At UEF, we create
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with holiday cheer.


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United Empowerment Foundation

Annual Holiday Giveback

Are you passionate about helping and serving those less fortunate? Do you have a special concern for vulnerable families in need? If so, we warmly invite you to participate in our Annual Secret Santa Give Back today. Our Secret Santa Holiday Give Back is much more than a simple toy drive. Through this program, your act of love can create an environment filled with holiday cheer, laughter, and family bonding for children whose families are experiencing homelessness, leaving participants with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

Each child submits their Secret Santa Wishlist, which includes their name, age, personal interests, three things they want, and three things they need. Our goal is to fulfill one gift from each Wishlist.

Why is the Wishlist Important?


The experience of receiving a gift(s) from their wishlist lets these children know that we see them and that their hopes and dreams matter, despite their current situation. By participating, you'll bring joy and happiness to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate. Your involvement provides an opportunity to demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas and make a positive, lasting impact in their lives.

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