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Our History

Truly, humble beginnings.

Growing up in Compton, CA in the 1980’s, United Empowerment Foundation CEO Latrice Gwin experienced first-hand many of the challenges she now works diligently to solve. She understood how living in low-income and impoverished neighborhoods not only affected a child’s academic achievements and behaviors but also their perspective on themselves and the world around them.  

Today UEF recognizes that a child’s self-awareness, neighborhood influences, education, familial support and subsequent opportunities all play a major role in their future socioeconomic successes and failures as an adult. Communities are only as strong as the people that comprise them and given the right tools, every child has the ability to become a productive, caring and responsible citizen capable of giving back and contributing positively to society.

"blossom where your feet are"

— Latrice Gwin —

Founder & CEO

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